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As if Tolkien himself secretly penned an epic saga of battle-laden Hello Kitty fan fiction, Escape from Hat conjures up a vast realm of pure imagination, filled to the brim with wit, adventure, romance, and robots. A startling and brilliant vision.
— Mark Osborne, on Escape From Hat


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It was recently announced by Deadline Hollywood that 20th Century Fox Animation has been busy at work turning Adam Kline and Brian Taylor's 2012 children's book Escape From Hat into an animated feature film.

"The Little Prince director and the Artemis Fowl scribe have sealed deals with the studio to develop a film based on Kline’s book Escape From Hat. Osborne is attached to direct and produce for Fox Animation/Blue Sky Studios with the Kung Fu Panda director and Kline working on the screenplay together."

Mark Osborne spoke about how excited he is to finally announce that the long gestating project is in the works:

“The opportunity to tell this fantastical and funny story about friendship and luck is a rich and exciting mixture,” said Osborne today of the project based on the 2012 book. “Reading Adam’s writing, I feel like a spoiled kid in a candy store. But instead of just sweets, I love that he’s sneaking in an unbelievably nourishing meal.”  - Mark Osborne

Stay tuned for more details and updates!




Escape from Hat is the story of Leek, an especially talented lucky rabbit in an especially unlucky situation. When a fateful magic trick sends Leek tumbling into the land of Hat, the rabbit yearns only to return to the human boy he's sworn to protect. But the dark realm of Hat is ruled by black cats, whose job it is to spread bad luck among us all.

Adam Kline presents a classic tale of humor, charm, and epic proportion, brought to life by the vibrant illustrations of Brian Taylor, which tread a delicious line between traditional fantasy and contemporary pop. This is a book to keep, to give, to read curled in a corner and aloud at bedtime, for both the young and the simply young at heart.

The book is currently out of print, but some existing copies can be bought (with a steep mark-up) by some online re-sellers. But fear not, it is soon to be reprinted in a new edition with additional art as well!


As a screenwriter, Adam Kline has worked for Universal Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, and Sony Pictures Animation, among others. He is currently at work on an animated feature. Mr. Kline's primary influences include J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Kenneth Grahame. He is an active member of the Writer's Guild.

Brian Taylor is a professional illustrator with over thirty years experience. Entertainment Weekly named Taylor one of the top 100 creatives working in entertainment today. Among his primary influences are Tim Burton, Walt Disney, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. He lives and works in Scotland.