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Made for only $7,500, using hand-drawn cell animation that was scanned into Photoshop...Keen Yellow Planet‘s high-quality visuals don’t betray its low-budget production techniques.
— Lisa Delgado, WIRED MAGAZINE

The official music video for 'KEEN YELLOW PLANET' (featuring Brett Anderson) from Stina Nordenstam's album 'Welcome to Happiness' directed by Mark Osborne.


A lumpy blue alien boy is excited on the eve of a family trip to the "Keen Yellow Planet." His entire life has lead up to this moment as he imagines for the last time how amazing it will be for real.  Music by Stina Nordenstam song, video by Mark Osborne.


...In Keen Yellow Planet, a boy dreams he is visited by a wondrous singing yellow creature. However, when he goes to visit the creature’s planet he finds that appearances can be deceiving. He sees the creature sing before thousands of people in a giant stadium, but it is not the same as how he remembered it.

“Keen Yellow Planet to me is about this little kid who’s dreaming of going to a Disneyland,” he said. “Dreaming of this ultimate experience, and his little life has led up to this experience, and he can’t even sleep. But he goes, and it’s this big giant lame robot that’s all rusty. His fantasy and his imagination of it is much more grand … it’s that moment, that loss of innocence,” Osborne said...



Director: Mark Osborne

Music: Stina Nordenstam, from the album “Welcome To Happiness” Performed by: Stina Nordenstam, Courtesy of Independente Limited, ©2001

Producers: Janet Haase & Scott Flor

Production Coordinator: Myra Spence

Animation Director: Jenny Walsh

Animators: Cameron Baity

Clean-Up/Ink & Paint: Rick Orner, Daniela Verona

Additional Animation: Kenji Ono

Character Design: Cameron Baity, Paul Tibbit

After Effects Compositing: Dan Everson, Scott Ulrich

Production Assistant: Mandy Siu

Sound Design: Shawn Patterson, Ben Decter

Flame Color Correction: Kim Harper @ Somersault