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you will not see six better minutes of film on screen this year—or ever.
— Steve Biodrowski, CINEFANTASTIQUE

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Nominated for an Academy Award and awarded the Best Short Film at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, MORE is a stop-motion mixed-media short film written and directed by Mark Osborne, the co-director of Kung Fu Panda and the animated feature film adaptation of the iconic book The Little Prince

MORE tells the story of an old, tired inventor as he struggles through joyless life in a drab and passionless society, leading the same cold and colorless existence accepted by the identical drones around him. At once tortured and inspired by his dreaming of and yearning for his younger carefree days, he struggles to finish the invention he hopes will give his life meaning and worth. His world, and the world of those around him, is transformed when his secret invention is completed. However, his subsequent success does not come without sacrifice. The inventor realizes that the true essence of his inspiration cannot be manufactured...



The two-disc ultimate special edition DVD was produced by Despair, Inc. and it includes:

  • "Making More" - a one-hour behind-the-scenes documentary

  • Ultra-high Quality Technicolor™-encode of MORE

  • Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound Mix

  • Two director's commentary tracks

  • Bonus commentary track by Dr. E.L. Kersten, founder of Despair, Inc.

  • Over an hour of on-set, behind-the-scenes footage

  • Two photo galleries, containing over 100 photos, narrated by Mark Osborne

  • Original, raw IMAX footage with audio commentary by Mark Osborne

  • The very first color "More" animatic

  • Two bonus stop-motion short-films: "MuM" and "Twice Daily", directed by "More" crew members

  • Easter Eggs

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Ready to spend a few hours in good company? Here’s the 2 hour documentary about making Mark Osborne’s Academy Award Nominated animated short MORE. Follow along from the beginning of the project and see interviews with the crew about the journey from start to finish of this ambitious film.

Additional behind the scenes materials on the making of 'MORE' are also available on CRAFT.



Almost all of MORE was shot in-camera on 65mm/15perf film stock (commonly known as IMAX format). Most lighting effects were achieved in-camera with multiple passes shot on each frame. Extensive testing was needed to make sure this would work for each shot set-up. The following are test shots were made with a modified polaroid camera so that we could test multiple exposures before committing to shoot on film.



Writer and Director: Mark Osborne
Producer: Steve Kalafer
Co-producers: Debra Callabresi, Kelly Moren
Line Producer: Shannon Lowry
70mm Prod. Supervision: IMAGICA USA Inc., Kelly Moren
Production Designer: Rick Orner
Puppet Construction: David J. Candelaria
Stop-Motion Animators: Mark Osborne, David J. Candelaria, Nick Peterson
Set & Model Builders: David J. Candelaria, Nick Peterson, Joe Schmidt
Cinematography and Camera Department: Keith Lowry
Cel Animation Designer: Lorelei Pepi
Cel Animation Director: Jenny Walsh
Cel Animators: Lea Zagury, Rick Potts, Marcos Magalhães
Post-Prod. Supervisors: Debra Callabresi, Kelly Moren, IMAGICA USA Inc., RPG
Digital Effects Supervisor: Debra Callabresi
Digital Art & Effects: Ben Matsunaga, Kelly Moren
Sound Effects Editor: Jeremy Pitts
Re-Recording Mixer: Peter Carlstedt
Negative Cut: Ron Johnson
Color and Prints: Consolidated Film Industries
Music: New Order, "Elegia." Written and produced by New Order, Engineered by Michael Johnson, Distributed by Warner Bros. Records, Inc. © 1985 Qwest Records.
Additional End Credit Music: Ben Decter
Production Services Donated by: California Institute of the Arts, Consolidated Film Industries, Dream Quest Images, KODAK Motion Picture Film, Graphic Films, Image G, IMAGICA USA Inc., Iwerks Entertainment, RPG Productions Inc., Swell Productions
Special Thanks To: Mario Allen, Tom Attencio, Tom Barron, Bob Beitcher, Chris Blum, Jamie Caliri, Kevin Clark, Maureen Claypool, Jon Corfina, Edwin Escalante, Larry Fagan, Rick Gordon, Cathy Hair, Wendy Jackson-Hall, Ron Johnson, Tim Knapp, Dick Larson, Alec Lorimore, Alan Markowitz, James Manke, Katherine Mervine, Andrew Millstein, Mike Mitchell, Paloma Navarette, Ammiel Najar, Paul Novoros, Jeff Osborne, Kent Osborne, Paulette Osborne, Julie OʼNeil, Andrew Oran, Dave Palomaren, Jose Parra, Sarah Peterson, Brian Peterson, Sean Phillips, Christopher Reyna, Tim Sassoon, Scott Shepley, Susan Simpson, Jonathan Silsby, Ron Wangler, Miriam Yagi