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I’ve worked hard to craft a tale that embraces the great tradition of oral storytelling. My bookshelves still hold childhood copies of longtime favorites, from Beatrix Potter and E.B. White to Kenneth Grahame, C.S. Lewis, and Tolkien - books that should never be forgotten. That’s the sort of book I’ve tried to write.
— Adam Kline, Author



Adam Kline's Blacklisted script With Kind Regards from Kindergarten is finally getting some serious traction with Mark Osborne signing on to produce and direct the film as a hybrid/mixed media feature film for 20th Century Fox.

Deadline Hollywood announced that Fox was developing the project:

"With Kind Regards from Kindergarten sees two close friends ripped apart as one of them loses his imagination. Lacking that, he grows up to be a man of industry and power while his old and ex-friend is a reclusive clockmaker – and it is his imagination that must step up.'

The script has been a favorite of many in the know for years. While waiting for the movie to get made, Kline decided to adapt the story into a beautiful children's book as well, sold exclusively to backers of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The back cover of the book (pictured to the left) was designed by artist Brian Taylor and gives only the slightest hint of the epic yet tremendously charming fairy tale fantasy world that comes to life within. It's truly a timeless classic, dreaming of one day becoming a movie that is a generational family favorite.